Federico Cassano

Undergraduate Researcher
at Northeastern University with interests in artificial intelligence, programming languages, and security.

About Me

Federico Cassano

Ciao! I'm Federico, an undergraduate researcher from the vibrant city of Milan, Italy, currently furthering my academic journey at Northeastern University. Over the years, my enthusiasm has found its niche at the intersections of artificial intelligence, programming languages, and security.

I am proud to contribute to the research community under the guidance of Prof. Arjun Guha at the Northeastern University Programming Research Lab (NUPRL). Being an undergraduate hasn't limited my endeavors; I've had the privilege of publishing in several esteemed research venues and collaborating with leading experts in the field. Furthermore, I founded GammaTau AI, a student-led research group that aims to democratize access to programming by leveraging artificial intelligence.

I am also thankful to be the captain of the extremely talented NUCCDC team, the back-to-back Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC) champions.

Outside the university, I've been fortunate to further hone my skills and insights as a research intern at pioneering companies like Roblox and Trail of Bits, holding positions often reserved for graduate students.

From time to time, I enjoy writing my thoughts in free-form prose on my blog.

Academic Work